2BLC is a signal converter for upgrading helicopters (Eflite, Esky etc) to brushless.

Brushless motors have a long list of advantages over the conventional style. The 2BLC converter allows to upgrade your helicopter without having to buy a new radio system, mixer and gyro. 

The motor signals from the 4-in-1 unit are translated into standard ESC signals. You select brushless motors and ESCs for your power and weight requirements.

There are very few of those translators on the market. This one is unique in serving two channels and using a crystal reference for maximum temperature stability.

Key features

-two channels (single channel use possible)
-status LED
-negligible current draw
-small footprint (1.4” x 0.8” x 0.1”)
-light weight (2.7g / 0.1oz)


Here is what customers wrote
- rcgroups.com:
“The card looks great - excellent build quality..”
“I'm very happy with the converter card I bought and gave the link for in post #8, the instructions were clear, the setup was pretty straight forward and everything worked the way it was supposed to.”

- rclineforum.de:
„..in EUR umgerechnet gar nicht mal teuer und direkt anschließbar. Ideal für jemand, der nicht gern lötet.“
„Habe mir das Teil aus USA für den Umbau meines Huggis(Hughes 500) gekauft. Elektrisch funktioniert das alles sehr gut.“


WARNING: as with all hobbies grade electronics there is always a chance for moving blades etc even with controls down. Therefore stay clear of motorized components whenever power is present! No liability for damages directly or indirectly is assumed.

The best way to buy a 2BLC is through ebay (search for brushless converter).
However you may order one (or more) by sending the purchase price plus a Shipping & Handling fee to the paypal account:


S&H is $5 within US, $7 for Canada and $9 for Europe.
The table below shows the purchase price for one or multiple converters.

International bidders note that buyer is responsible for any import tax, custom fees etc.


QuantityPrice (w/o S&H)

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